Elizabeth Orcutt (b. 1963) is an artist and PhD researcher at Falmouth University. She makes self-portraits in an investigation into the gap between “I” (subject) and “me” (object/image) with the working title of Photography and Reflection: Images of Myself. Observing, during the earlier practice using photographs from the family archive, that her sense of self appears to disperse in the exchange between subject and object and noting the subtext of a statement about ‘a good picture’ can be weighted towards a recognition value as opposed to a technical one. By adopting performance of self across archetype (i.e. Rembrandt’s tronies); stereotype (the Madonna) and various photographic genres in combination with digital technologies, she is researching the space between self and portrait in a series of visual assays or attempts in deference to the undertaking of the Essays of Montaigne in which “Je suis moi-même la matière…” (Book 1: To the reader, 1580) and using a framework drawn from photography, psychology, performance and gender theories.

The Blog section of this site is part of the methodology for her practice-based, art research and is private for academic and ethical reasons. Feel free to request to view, link to contact here. 

Previously she worked full-time as a picture editor for seven years on The Times (£) newspaper in London.