The Sunday Times Magazine 50th Anniversary Photography Exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery with Jon Jones, Director of Photography (February 2012)

Works (only seen as thumbnails in a composite here) were shown on light-boxes measuring 2m high. Each lightbox loosely represented a year of publication, a total of 50. The selection kept in mind not only the journalistic context and the broader historical background but at the same time attempted to balance ‘forgotten’ material with iconic images and demonstrate the range of subject area covered in the magazine.  A few of the images were subsequently re-used in a short The Unquiet Film Series: Photojournalism.


Photography by (approximately in date order):

David Bailey, Eve Arnold, Cecil Beaton, Snowdon x 3, Richard Avedon, John Bulmer x 2, Robert Freson, Don McCullin x 7, Time / Ronald Haeberle, Neil Armstrong / NASA, Eva Sereny, Ken Griffiths x 12, Stephen Dalton, David Montgomery x 2, Abbas, Arnold Newman x 4, Ian Yeomans, Michael Evans contact sheet plus 1, Flip Nicklin, Clive Arrowsmith, Franco Zecchin, John Swannell, Peter Marlow, Derek Ridgers, Chris Smith (folio of 4), Eugene Richards (2 stories), Stuart Franklin x 3, Eric Valli x 2, Ben Gibson x 2, Harriet Logan, Andrew Macpherson, Uli Weber x 3, Nigel Parry, Paul Reas, James Nachtwey, Richard Croft, Jonathan Olley, Fernando Moleres, Chris Floyd, Felicia Webb, Jan Grarup x 3, Peter Dench, Hamish Brown, Tom Stoddart x 2, Anthony Suau, Sam Taylor Wood, Barry Lewis, Alan Buu, David Gillanders, Terry O’Neill, Tim Hetherington, Platon x 4, David Chancellor x 3