Euroclear Commission, 2007

Euroclear is a specialist clearing bank based in Brussels. In 2005 the bank follwing a period of expansion into new sectors, it wanted to assimilate its new 'partners' and give them a voice. Using art as the glue, artists were commissioned to make work on the theme of 'identity'. The works toured the world and my pieces now reside in the boardroom.

I was commissioned by Euroclear to make a piece of artwork to reflect the organisation’s values. The piece was part of an exhibition that toured the bank’s global offices during 2007 and 2008.

I made a tryptich and this image is the most successful.  Each piece is large (1m high) and predominantly black ,with the surface of the prints highly glossy, acting like a mirror, so the reflection of the viewer is included.

The piece represents how identity (in this case a corporate one) is shaped within the exchange of the people operating within it.